Thursday 7 July 2011

Solar Panel Arrays...

Many farmers are embracing the power of the sun to offset or substitute the high demand power consumption requirements on their farms.

We are happy to confirm that R Taylor Design Associates have achieved planning approval on a Solar Panel array at a dairy farm in East Devon that will consist of 164 panels and will potentially generate 39.36kW. We have more arrays in the planning this space.

Typically the array on a fixed frame ground mount is similar to the illustration below, but there are other mounts such a seasonally adjustable mount that is offered and manufactured by Mole Valley Renewables.

Manor House Progress...WK7

Works are progressing nicely at the Manor House. New foundations and loadbearing masonry taken to second floor level with one third of the steel to restructure the roof for the loft conversion, now in place.

Once the steels are in to the opposite side of the building and the ridge steel is in place, works can progress with forming the three dormer windows.

Structural works are also moving at a pace to the single storey roof over the kitchen that will be semi-vaulted, creating height to the space, but not so much that heat is lost in the void.

New opening created in the first floor external cob wall, to what will be the landing. The contractor has been extremely careful in retaining the lime render externally so as to protect the cob from the weather until the window is fabricated and ready for installation.